Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The weigh/measure in

May 22nd I posted...

Weight 136 pounds
Waste 33 inches
Hips 41 inches (it seems that the only thing that grows is my rear)

Today I measured

Weight 134 pounds!
Waste 33 inches
Hips 39.5 inches!!!

Okay, so, I have not been doing a whole lot except trying to be as active as I can but life has been busy so that is not very active. The thing I really want to be loosing is my belly... as little as it may be, because it is the waist of the dress that I am going to be busting out of. Oh well. I am pretty happy with the results so far. Trying to drink when I feel really hungry, eat more fruit and smaller portions at supper and lunch. I will keep going with that. And we haven't had money for chips so that is probably helping a lot! Hope all of you had a great night!


D-Ann said...

Good job!!
Have I already asked you what blood type you are? Because knowing that it might help you to avoid some foods that make weight cling to you.
I read Gluten Free Girl(she has a blog too) and this book encourages me to cook and enjoy food in the best ways.

Christy said...

Char...that is amazing!! You are almost at your goal already!

Jenny said...

Keep up the good work!!!