Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who was your favourite New Kid?

There are so many of you out there that talk about 80's music. I sometimes feel a little out of the loop. I listened to music in the 80's but not much. Just what my uncle would play for us which was more than some. But the years of my music love came when the 90's hit and yes oh yes... New Kids were "it"! And I had the neon plastic earrings with "I love NKOTB" written on them. I wanted albums and was jealous of my sisters because they had them... I think I even dreamed of these guys. My favourites... well Jon and Jordan of course! But alas, we all grow up. The music seemed kind of corny and there was not much to it. I mean, come on! When you watch this make sure you don't miss...

-That they dance on stairs. Why? Step by step!
-The lovely leopard print vest.
-The side ways hat (in the new live video he still wears it slightly like that)
-The bib overalls, man were they ever cool. I am surprised that he didn't have one strap undone and hanging behind him!
-The neon shirts half on and half off, hanging off the shoulder of Jordan
-The running, but it has a little extra to it.
-Not sure what's up with the tuxedo and bow tie
-The sprinkler dance... very nice!
-Jordan's fab voice. I always kinda disliked that he could sing so high but now realize that is a talent most guys can not even hope for and takes a lot of work to be able to keep doing.
-Jon wearing a hoodie and looking totally normal?!
-Step one, we can have lots of fun. The part I laughed at most as a young teen!

I was a little shocked though that when I heard about the New Kids getting the band back together to release an album, I just had to hear what they sounded like and see what they looked like. I am far less obsessed of course and can honestly say it seems odd to call them the New Kids on the Block. They are older than my hubby and in all their interviews they are wearing full suits with ties... not really my cup a tea. But this is neat none the less. I can't pick a favourite now as no one can top my man in my books! And what is up with Jordan? He doesn't look like him! And Joey, I guess he had to grow up too but he looks so different as well! Donnie and Danny never changed a bit right down to the hat! Enjoy a little, Old Dudes on the Block! ha ha. They are pretty good but there is a heck of a lot more skin in the recent videos. I think I like the innocence of the old ones more now. At least the dance a little! I think I will leave the neon earrings at the thrift store along with everything else neon that I used to think was oh so fine though!

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Gwen said...

Oh, Char, I'm sorry. I was born in '75, so by the time NKOTB came around, I was old enough to mock and deride them. In fact, I babysat New Kids fans. But, you know. I'm happy for you! :)