Sunday, June 29, 2008

Babysitting, Tupperware, and sickness.

I have no time to write these days. Life is so busy but great! I am now babysitting full time for my sister and it is wonderful as I love her kids like they are my own. This will also give us a little extra cash to pay off our little bit of debt and hopefully help out for my trip to Heidi's wedding in October. I don't really need much.

Also, my little business adventure is now full force. I am selling Tupperware! I love it... I mean the products and I am so excited to be selling it. If you want to book a party or you need some wonderful item then let me know. I have a little bit in stock also. I love this because I would love to one day be able to totally outfit my kitchen in Tupperware so that everything is organized in bins of all shapes and sizes, instead of scattered across my cupboards in a fashion that I don't even like to discuss! More about all this and before after pics to come of many things as I purchase! The greatest thing about Tupperware, quality products, great function and lifetime guarantee not to break, leak, etc. So nice. Just ordered the kids some beach buckets from there (pics to come when they arrive) because I am so sick of replacing buckets every year. This way, if they break I get new ones for free, for life! It rocks. Anyway, on with life.

Adam is quite sick with all sorts of problems but one is a severe pain in his collar bone which has been going on about 3 weeks now, two prescriptions and a couple bottles of pain killers later, still hurting. If you pray, please pray for relief and healing, we have no idea what is really wrong yet. God only knows. And he has a cold and some infection that started in his foot. It is all hard on the household. We all have a cold but no infections so I am praying for the healing hand of God to come on our house and release our family from all this sickness. I know He can do that for us.

Adam starts his holidays in a couple days, so excited. The kids are signed up for Vacation Bible School next week. Annabelle's birthday is coming soon. My dad is in town. My brother in law is on his way to town probably in the next week. Annabelle starts school this fall so we have been starting the prep for that, shots, school fees, testing for Kindergarten, class visit, and I got her her lunch kit from Tupperware, I just love them. Pics to come in the days to come. But in the mean time just check out my handsome hubby with that YUMMY fish we had for supper last night! What a wonderful hunter/gatherer I married! he he The kids must have been missing the salmon dinners as they ate the fish like it was candy!

Goodnight everyone! I will update more properly with pics and such soon enough!


Gwen said...

Adam is in our prayers!

Sharon said...

Praying for Adam. And does Tupperware still sell those shape sorter toys for babies??? If so how much are they? I would like to get one. Thanks. :)