Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am having a Tupperware party! Normally I am not totally into Tupperware although I do love it but never have much money for it. This time there is something a little extra special. The gal who does Tupperware is a friend of mine and she had purchased a huge amount of stuff for the trades fair and then had hardly any sell. So she wanted to know if anyone wanted to have a party by the 16th and she would be discounting all her stuff that she has anywhere from 10-50% off. I am pretty excited about that. And then of course there is always the regular stuff you can order. I have invites for anyone who would like one and all you ladies from here are invited to come and check it all out. Jen might also be doing a demo of some food using some of the kitchen gadgets. I hope we can help her get rid of some of her stuff!!! Anyone who wants to come, please let me know so I can plan for about how many we will have.

Monday June 16th... yes this is this coming Monday... at 7:00 pm!

Hope to see lots out. Should be a great night. Check out Tupperware stuff here if you want to know some of the new products but remember that Jen will have lots on sale!


D-Ann said...

My mom and I are going to try and come. Don't let me forget :)

Jenny said...

I won't be going. I'm not much of a tupperware kind of gal. Hope it's a success though!!