Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taste buds

Must have missed this one somehow on Michelle's blog and anyone who knows me well knows that I love food. Probably one of the main reasons I have not posted my weight and measurements for a couple weeks. So I thought that I would do it tonight while I sit here bored.

A little quiz on taste buds.

1. Margarine or Butter?
Butter for sure but we only buy margarine. Sucks to have limited funds!

2. Favourite meat- chicken, pork, beef, or fish?
Beef... well steak-rare of course! Never get to buy it though.

3. Salty or Sweet?
Salty all the way, even sweet stuff should be salty or spicy in my mind. Like my favourite cookies are peanut butter or ginger snap cookies. A fine mix of salty or spicy and sweet.

4. On a sandwich Mustard or mayo?
Both! and whatever other dressing is available.

5. What is your favorite soup?
I think cream of broccoli or minestrone... YUM!!!

6. Drinks- tea, coffee, soda, water?
I suppose tea although I LOVE iced tea which doesn't really count as tea. So, Earl grey with either of my sisters is one of the best things imaginable!

7. Popcorn or Chips?
Chips- Miss Vickie's original! But I also love popcorn made in the pot with salt and butter. Yum!

8.Which is your favorite fast food restaurant in town- McDonald's, KFC, A&W, Subway, Timmy's?
Definitely Subway. And the kids love it too. How wonderful!

9. Which is you favorite sit down restaurant- Don Diego's, Golden Star, Pizza Hut, Boston Pizza, Denny's, Mr. Mikes, L'ambiance?
With the kids, pizza hut. On my own or with the love of my life... it would probably be Don Diego's but I have only been there once before. It was awesome!

10.What is your favorite starch- potatoes, rice, pasta?
I am a huge fan of those little potatoes slathered with butter and with some salt and pepper.

I was just discussing food with Adam yesterday and saying how I think my favourite meal ever would be barbecue steak, little potatoes and corn on the cob. Couldn't get much better than that. Besides the golden flame's Pepper steak which was the best thing I have ever tasted in my life! Too bad I will never taste it again. Boo Hoo! Have a great night. And happy mouth watering!

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towr said...

I love Subway too but the price of Subway foods in Asia are a little bit expensive.

Btw, are you familiar with the KFC chicken steak??

- The Walking Tower -