Tuesday, June 03, 2008

To the farm we go!

Joshua's class did a field trip to a farm. It was so fun! We loved it. Here are a few of the kids enjoying petting a chicken. What a great opportunity for children!

There is the beautiful rooster in the background. I drove for the field trip and so I had the little kiddos and I was babysitting so we all went. So fun!
This Hen had just hatched these chicks days earlier. They were so cute!
When we took the chick away, the hen was not very impressed. She was calling for the chick the whole time.
Cute hey?
Running to go see the pony.
Pigs first...
Then the pony. Annabelle loved her. Her name was Shadow.

The girls in the loft with the hay. So fun! There were also bunnies but I didn't get the pics of them because I was helping the kids hold them.
The boys
The play ground at the peoples house.
Playing on the tire swing.
What a cutie!
Washing up...
And the people who own the farm made hard boiled eggs for all the kids from farm fresh eggs! Yum! With salt and pepper. The kids all peeled their own.
Then she talked to them about where the baby chick comes from in the egg.
And one shot with the whole class.
Their unit this month is the farm so this was just perfect!
The boys in the "jump seat" of our car. They loved it!


Andrew Brown said...
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Darci said...

Love the farm photos! looks like everyone had fun :)