Friday, December 21, 2007

VSP and christmas lights

At the school, for kindergarten the parents are asked to do a poster and presentation for VSP day! It is one day for each kid to show what a Very Special Person they are! This is the poster I did for Joshua, he was so proud. He talked lots and was not even shy! We brought a bunch of special things from at home and from when he was a baby. It was a great time. I also made Candy Cane cookies and the class read the Candy Maker's Gift and had the candy cane cookies. Such an awesome day for Joshua!

And last night Joshua had his Christmas concert at the school. His class was singing Feliz Navidad. They did great! The school did Christmas around the world. Was a great concert, but none of our pictures turned out. Hopefully the video will. Afterward we went to Timmy's and got coffee and went for a drive to look at a few Christmas lights. We have already done this a couple times this year but there is one house, way out in deep creek that we always love going to see. This time the kids were all awake so we went all the way out there to check it out... Here is a pic of it, although it is very hard to get a clear picture on the night scene on the camera unless you have a tripod. This is the best we could do. There is stuff all over the yard and the trees are done up too. Beautiful!
Best house around! Up on Mountain Vista. So fabulouse. Again, pretty blurry though. I love the lights on the roof.
And one more pretty one on Mountain Vista. Great street to check out!
Hope you all are having a great time celebrating in your own special ways. God bless you!


Christy said...

Have you checked out that street near Mike and Moe's? There is one house on that street that has tons of lights on it! It's amazing!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I love looking at those VSP posters when I pick up Kaylie ... very cute!

Charlene said...

Hey Christy. Yeah we have been there. It is always great! I love that one house. Would not love to have the eletric bill! They still have the old style lights on too! It is georgeous though! The whole street. Mountain vista is my second favourite, I forgot about McRae.

Andrew Brown said...
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