Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The fabulous plan gone terribly bad!

Here is the low down... I decided, after finding a great recipe, that we would forfeit our usual gingerbread house building and build a Rice Krispie house. So cool. Here is the icing all whipped up and ready.

And the Rice Krispie pieces all cut and ready. Now, the recipe did say to wait till they are cooled and hardened. I thought that since they are cooled like 20 minutes afterward, they would be hard enough after a couple days. Maybe I will try next year, making them in October to ensure that they are hard enough by the time we do the house.
So, you start by gluing the house together with the icing of course. The pieces fit perfectly and it looked as if the whole ordeal would go swimmingly!
The process of building
Boys are excited.
Almost done
Joel fell on a present today and scratched his cheek. That poor boy!
Joshua had drawn out the house and decided where all the different candy should go. So cute!
And here is the house, all together. Looks alright hey? I didn't do it perfectly because we were just going to be covering a lot of it with candy anyway. So yesterday I went out and bought a whack of candy!
Starting the process
As you can see, the roof is starting to sink a bit from the weight. And Joel is much enjoying the eating candy more than the decorating the house. It was so funny!

Roof getting lower
And the house starts falling apart so am trying to fix it.
Propping up the inside of the roof with plastic knives and such. Nice walkway though, hey?
And it all falls down
Another angle

And the final flop.
It was sure fun while it lasted and since it is just made out of giant rice Krispie squares, the kids will enjoy eating it for snack for the next month! Haha They were not too upset since we salvaged the night with puzzles and colouring. A wonderful time with the family in spite of the whole problem. Every year, we learn what will and won't work.


Gwen said...

Oh no! And it looked so promising at the beginning!

Christy said...

I love how nothing fazes you...I would be cursing like a sailor...Not in front of my children of course!! haha!

Tanya said...

Snap, crackle....Plop!!!

Looked like fun none the less!!