Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Well, it seems as if it has decided to snow, well I guess that would be God that has decided. So, my estimation, although they are saying it will be around 10 cm tonight, I think more like 15-20! No school tomorrow due to parent teacher interviews (we went for ours tonight and Joshua is doing swell!) so it will be a perfect day for baking and snuggling, recovering from sickness for Annabelle and hopefully doing some crafts. I truly do love the winter. My only concern, power outages. We have only electric heat so it would get mighty cold. But with this light snow I am not anticipating any real problems. It would be so nice if Christmas eve was like this!

So, Joshua was very sick, as soon as he recovered Joel got it, he recovered after a bout of throwing up at church and then Annabelle came down with it. All a virus, fever, headaches, shaky, tummy aches, etc. No infections thank God and only tylenol for meds given. Not a lot of sleep been happening but tonight I decided to splurge on a late night and watch my favourite Christmas movie with Adam, It's a Wonderful Life! I love it and thanks to my bro in law, we own it now so I can even watch it again before Christmas. Just got Adam some winter boots tonight also, he really needed them! Just in time if I do say so!

Enjoy the snow shovling everyone. Drive safe and keep warm. Looks like a mighty cold week coming up with an average of about -10 all week! Should be a beaut!

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