Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The doll house

I mentioned to a few people that we were only really buying one large gift for each of the kids, something that they really wanted and then their stocking. They were blessed beyond belief from family and friends! What a wonderful Christmas we had! So, I thought that I would post these pics while I had a few minutes. Joel told us he wanted a guitar so he could be just like his daddy. Joshua wanted a rock pollisher to pollish his collection. And Annabelle wanted "a really big doll house"! Now, this just happened to be a dream I had for my whole childhood. I just wanted a big doll house like my friend Jen had. I loved to play dolls and wished for it all my little life. So, I was so excited to look around for one for Annabelle. There were lots for small dolls but I wanted something that she could play with her barbies in. So, I saw one in Sears and thought about getting it but after buying the furniture and everything it would have been almost $250!!! We couldn't do it. This house I found online for a lot less that the above price. And we bought it. Set it up Christmas eve, and it has been such a hit! She has all her ponies living in it too. I will take a pic of her playing with it tomorrow. So beautiful! And it is a little taller than her! Amazing! Virgie, isn't it awesome?!

Daddy working hard for his little lady.
What a joy!
Just fixing the swing.
The finished product, with furniture! Yippee! Also, everything is pretty durable. It should last a long time.


DaRcI said...

That is an awesome dollhouse.

Mrs. Wilson said...

cool! I had a little doll house growing up and I loved it.

Tanya said...

What a beautiful doll house!! I can just imagine how excited she was when she saw it!! Very special!!

Jenny said...

It looks beautiful!!! Love the little toilet! How adorable!LOL
Will stop by this week sometime when we get home!!
Big hugs!!

Jenny said...

LOL...what I thought was the toilet is a bathtub!!

Virginia said...

Awesome Char!! Yeah, it is very cool. I can just imagine how much fun this would be as a little girl. We would have had so much fun with it back in the day and I am sure Annabelle will have years of enjoyment with it. Love it!!!