Wednesday, December 19, 2007

sledding, so much joy!

OKay, firstly, Adam looks totally unimpressed, he was trying to be happy. This was the first day of such bad strep throat that the pain was even in his ears. At this point he told me that he had a headache and didn't feel very good. I chalked it up to the 2 hours of sleep he had the night before. Turns out he was very sick and ended up taking 3 days off work to recover after going to the doc. So, given the situation, he looks happy enough. THe kids had a blast! There is one particular school around here that we take the kids to often in the winter for sledding. It is great.
Annabelle waiting for a sled. We only have 2 so far so they have to wait and take turns, I am looking forward to getting a couple more at the end of the season when they go on sale. These ones we got for $10 a peice last season. $20 (the regular price) is a bit steep.
Joshua was so crazy on his sled! Awesome!
Joel, trudging up the hill for another go. He was a trooper!
Can't wait for many more great days like that!

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