Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nativity, yup no tree.

This is our nativity area that we set up every year instead of a Christmas tree. The kids still ask each year when we will get a tree but they don't seem too broken up about it when we say that we won't have one. So, this helps focus Christmas around Jesus but also helps remind me to read them the story of the first Christmas often throughout the season. I love it. This nativity set was one of the best things we have ever bought together, so beautiful!

To top off the beauty, here is the best part. The kids decided that because they love their family so much they would wrap up thing of their own to give away. They obviously did it all themselves. I thought that it was the sweetest thing ever. So, the gift there, they are from out of town. The kids get so excited everytime a package came in the mail. I guess I am going to have kids who like the mail as much as I do! Annabelle is the most excited about everything. So cute!

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