Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update on Joshua

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and any prayers you may have shot up, they are so greatly appreciated! Thought that I would update on the situation.

No more croupy cough. Thank God for that! But Joshua has had high fevers the last couple nights while he is sleeping and will crawl in with me and say how he feels so hot. Last night I gave him Motrin before bed to try to make his sleep more comfy. He woke this morning with the fever back and I had to tell him he couldn't go to school. Devistation was in the house! He was so sad, but quickly understood because he wouldn't want to get his friends sick and he was coughing a lot. So, I made a doc appointment with the on call. Got there at 11am and got right in. He checked Joshua over and boy waas I glad I had taken him. In 2 days he went from having a virus, croup, to having an eye infection, ear infection, nose and throat infection, infected tonsils, and a chest infection. We got the antibiotics, no question there was a need and started him on them. Amoxo for everything except the eyes and eye drop for the eyes. OKay, he was happy to have banana medicine and had more motrin. He loves them!

I did his eye drops and it was horrific, the screaming! You have to understand that Joshua has never been one to fight medicine. He understands it will make him better and even when it is uncomfortable, no problem, as long as it is not painful. But even his shots for school, he didn't even flinch because he knew it was good for him. He has had eye drops before and been okay but this was unblievable. He was screaming that it hurt so bad and was crying. I felt so bad. After all was done I put a movie on, time for a nap. He and I curled up together and had a little sleep. He had about 3 hours, me about one. So, when he was up it was time to give the eye drops again. They said every 4 hours. So, again with the screaming. Then I noticed his eye lids swelling and red and he was saying his eyes were so sore and itchy. Yup you guessed it, I checked the cautions, these were the- contact doc ASAP if- symptoms. So I called the pharmacist to confirm and it is indeed an alergic reaction. Off to the hospital. Discontinue use I am told. I got a new prescription, one with a drug to counter the reaction. Got home after picking up a snack and some pop for Joshua and the fear was through the roof! He was so scared I had to pull open his lids and finally I got the drops in. The drama was not too bad once they were in. I suppose the pain was minimal in comparisson with the first drops. Then shortly after he said that his eyes weren't so sore. Thank the Lord again!

Off to bed but the worst part of the day was having to tell Joshua that Doc says he can't go to school till Friday. Tomorrow it, rainbow day (they dress in as much colour as possible), hot lunch (only once a week, pre paid, pre ordered), library (he missed last week because of the environmental week), Gym (also missed last week), and the teacher has his words ready for him to go over ( so exciting after he has practiced for almost 2 weeks. What a let down. Also, because of the chest infection, we can't take the kids to the hotsprings for Halloween night like we do every year. So, as consulation we will make sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins, carve our pumpkin, and hand out candy. Should be a great day/ night anyway.

The great things, Joel and Annabelle were like little angels. No fighting and so happy. And I got a call from a friend. I was on the phone with Adam saying that I would go to town when he got home and see if I could find a pumpkin anywhere around town for the carving. We are a little broke so this was a strain. A friend of mine called about 2 minutes later and said, Char, do you need a pumpkin? I was a little shocked but of course said, yeah I do. She said that she had 9 extras in her garden and was praying about who to give them to and God told her to call me! God is so faithful! Even on the tough days, there is a ray of sunshine. So she brought over 2 pumpkins one of which is the most beautiful pumkin for carving that I have ever seen!

Keep praying when you have a chance, all! God bless you and goodnight.

Hopefully I will have pics to put up of halloween when all is said and done.


Tanya said...

Wow! Poor guy! Syd had pink eye two weeks ago and her eye drops stung her as well...but she didn't develop any kind of reaction to them thank goodness. Sounds like he's had a rough go of it. Sorry to hear that you'll miss your annual outing to the hot springs as well.

I'll send up a prayer for him...I hope he's feeling better soon so he can go to school on friday.

Gwen said...

Sounds like you're in the trenches! I'll keep you in my prayers, and remember that as your day is, so shall your strength be! Love to you all.

Charlene said...

Thamks ladies for your thoughts and prayers!