Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thanksgiving with the Browns

The ladies, hard at work, getting supper ready. So nice to see our niece Caitlin there with the family. It always is so far between visits with her. So, supper is almost done and ready!
Here is Joel... just actually got a pic of him looking at the camera so I thought that I would post it.
Annabelle, Stephanie and Lindsay just before supper.
The guys watching wrestling before supper
And the first plate is ready, look at that, Mark got all dressed up for the occasion!
Dishing up, YUMMY!!!
The kids enjoying their supper thoroughly.
The ladies, cleaning up after dinner.

Adam, reaming out Jarred for shutting off his scans on the computer before they were done :) Jarred looks really concerned.
Scott, Mark, Joel (sharing the love), and Aaron watching wrestling.
Joel having some much needed Uncle Marky time.
Steph and Lindsay getting ready to head out to supper at Lindsays house.
Although our kiddos are on a very long break from video games because of some obsessive behaviour we have been noticing, we gave them a repreave this night and let them play. As you can tell Annabelle was quite happy just to watch, she is not really the one with the obsessive behaviour.

Pumpkin pie for me
And Lemon meringue
After lunch nap with Oliver
And Mark having his nap with Tia
What a great supper and a great day! Thanking God for family is so easy as we are blessed with wonderful families! I love days like this. Lunch was served at 1pm and was yummy turkey meal. Than we headed over to my mom's house for another turkey dinner for supper time. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving day and so many things to be thankful to God for!

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