Saturday, October 06, 2007

Joshua's First Jig

"The wife" (aka Charlene) was out celebrating the mother-in-law, Shirley and our friend Karie's birthdays. While she was out Joshua made his first jig. Annabelle and Joel seemed to love learning how to do it too. Later in the evening Joel told me he wants to make an orange one. Well hopefully Joshua will get his first Coho when we go jigging soon. I asked him how he'll feel catching a fish on a jig he made himself. He smiled the biggest smile I've seen from him and said good. Indeed!!!


Sharon said...

Awesome!! Jeffery makes jigs with his grandpa. Way to go Joshua!! Hope you catch a huge fish with it!!

Charlene said...

It is so fun for the boys, hey? He didn't catch anything major, just a humpy but had a blast doing it!