Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thanksgiving with my mama

Well, first of all, I love Thanksgiving! My mom made a good point which I think is a big reason why I like this holiday. It is hardly commercialized as far as holiday's go. You get you fall decorations and Halloween big deal but not a whole lot about Thanksgiving, so we can celebrate as we see fit. So, we read some stories about Thanksgiving, that was lovely. The kids seem to really 'get it'. At church they did a Thanksgiving paper that says "I thank God for everything" then they were able put what they were personally thankful for. Joshua put monkey bars, monkeys and cows. Great! And Annabelle put shapes, colors, and people. What sweeties!

Joshua did a Thanksgiving paper at school, too. He put 4 things he is thankful for. The first said, Grandpa, so I asked him which Grandpa. He said, "my Grumpy who took me in the boat". That was Adam's dad. He said that he is so thankful because he took him in the boat and because he was a chef and now Joshua wants to be a chef. So sweet. What I think is the greatest is that in the 3 years Joshua knew his Grumpy, he only has great little memories and wants to be just like him. Joshua also was thankful for God and colours, pets, and the sun. And drew pictures of each.

Joel just kind of copied whatever the other 2 would say, but he is learning how to be thankful, too.

So here is our Thanksgiving celebration at my mom's house. Joshua learned about the cornucopia in school and asked if we could have one, so my ma bought on and I got some stuff to put in it. After supper the kids insisted on eating the stuff from the cornucopia, so they did, the stuff they could anyway, apples, oranges, carrots. So neat for them.

Cornucopia. Joel was a little tired after the turkey we had for lunch!
Joshua and the cornucopia
The kids having thier supper. See that tomato beside Joshua? See the rest near there on the table? By the time he was done his supper, he was also done all the tomatos, he ate them like apples. And he ate so many brussel sprouts. They are his favourite!
Yummy food and my Unc, dishing up.
So nice to share Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, 2 uncles, and my grandpa. It was DELICIOUS!!!
Stuffing and gravy
Pies and icecream for dessert.
Annabelle's happiness!
What a great night. My mom sent home a bunch of left overs so I made turkey soup yeasterday for supper with biscuits. Thanks so much Mom for the great night!


Virginia said...

It looks like two delicious dinners. Must have been a busy day!! Love you guys!

Charlene said...

It was awesome Virgie! Love you too!