Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weekend love!

Well, we had a great time! You can't even imagine how nice it was! Holiday's have some kind of magic. Everything just seemed perfect. The kids were quite good for my ma. Just a few sad times at bed time and that was a little hard for me.
Plane was great! What an experience and all the better just sitting next to my love! The hotel had the greatest view and was an end room so we couldn't hear anything or anyone. It was just wonderful to be alone in our little place with no one to bother us. We did so many great things like, horse drawn carriage tour at Stanley park, dinner at the revolving resaurant at Harbour center, we went to the imax, ate out everywhere we wanted including dropping about 80 big ones at the Keg on a scrumpious meal, we did some shopping and visiting with Adam's very hospitable and wonderful grandparents. Overall, I can't even believe what a time we had. Pictures to come. On our way back Adam had a bit of a rough time being cheery because he hadn't slept the last night because he was trying to jam in as much visiting as possible that one night we had with his grandparents. I got 2 hours of sleep. Was funny when the flight attendant asked if we had a nice nap on the flight and I said, Yeah we hadn't slept last night at all. Adam said that that may have seemed like a bit too much information! haha Anyway, both of us slept on the plane and it was so exciting to be the one, for the first time in my life, coming in from the plane and having my babies run to me and slather me with kisses and hugs. I only wish the greatness of this trip didn't have come to an end. But Adam is back to work tomorrow.
I was checking all my regular blogs and on Gwen's she had posted a song by Elton John and it just happened to stir a lot of happy feelings and I thought I would post this, because I love it, and it is just how I feel right now. I want to be the one singing it. This weekend I felt I could be the one being sung to, and I want to dance. All I can say is, thanks so much Adam for showing me a great, romantic, fun, and beautiful time. I couldn't have imagined it any better. I love you!


Gwen said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!!! Funny about your comment to the flight attendant! ;)

Moulin Rouge is my favourite movie EVER!!!

Charlene said...

It was wonderful Gwen and I really do have to buy this movie. I always am looking up songs from it on You Tube just so I can feel like I am watching it. It is a great one!