Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Things are looking up!

Well, had a rough day, and was feeling pretty down but as the days go on, things are looking up. The kids are being more and more well behaved everyday. Thank God!
On top of that, I have had a lot of fellowship lately and it blesses me so much! So, to top it off, after 5 months of waiting and waiting, we have walls... the drywallers finished today. Then tomorrow the finishing company will be getting our paint, any colour we choose. So I am trying to get some ideas to show to Adam. Then they will paint this week probably. They told me to go and pick my floor! Yay! Soon, so soon! Once I have that picked with the assistance of my hubby, the floor company will install it. We are going to do linolium we are almost sure. It will not be perfect as our floor is not even in the slightest, but it will be the most durable thing for the basement. I am not too worried about the eveness anymore. Just having the floor will be awesome. Then we will get a throw rug. It will be cold floor but that is okay. The kids play down there and can wear slippers if they need to. So, then they will put on the baseboards and we can move our stuff down there! I am so excited. The guy from the finishing company told me today that he expects that everything will be finished within 3 weeks! I can't believe this! Just in time for a relaxing summer! So, I am praying for not much difficulty in the whole thing. There is also a little delema about a wall we didn't get installed in time but our friend/ carpenter says he will be able to do it soon. So I may just need to do some sanding and mudding for that on my own and then buy an extra can of paint to paint it after. I can handle that! Anyway, God's hand of blessing is evidently upon us once again and I am so glad that he never lets us go. I am looking forward to getting the bill from the drywallers for the extra we had done. I just want to get that paid and it will be a load off. We just put in a firewall as our basement didn't have one. It is an extra layer of drywall on the joined walls. It is to bring it up to code but the insurance ony covered to repair the damage so we figured that since we had everything ripped apart anyway, may as well. It will still be basementy of course because we couldn't totally finish it but it will be so much nicer and it will be great to be able to use our space again! There is the update of life.

Have a great day all... and I will be doing that mommy quiz soon. Very soon!


Jenny said...

I can help you paint and sand the wall. I saw you called this afternoon. Will give you a call in a bit. Had my family here this afternoon.
Can't wait to see what flooring and paint colours you are picking. I am such a dork. A proud dork nonetheless!!

Charlene said...

I think you will be happy with our choices! It is great to have such a dorky friend who cares about my paint colours! :) So, I believe you and my sister are the last people who read my blog, sad. I must have slacked one too many times and no one comments anymore! Oh well, at least you care!

Charlene said...

Hahaha, I am just kidding. I know a lot read my blog!!!