Thursday, May 03, 2007

Books and Bannock

Well, first of all I must say I just had to document that I wink at my kiddos so much that they have all learned to wink back. I love it. The boys are the cutest. I will tell them I love them and they will wink and say I love you too mom. What little flirts. I love being their favourite girl. The other day Joshua was playing with a little girl at church and he told me after that she is a really nice girl and he likes her a lot. I must admit that it made me a little jealous. I am supposed to be the favourite for a long while. Anyway, here is Joel, giving me a wink.

So we went to Books and Bannock last week and it has quickly become one of the kids favourite things. They hear stories, have snacks, do crafts and afterward we play at the park. Here are a few pics and this tube thing actually works! I was amazed. And you can hear the person even if they wisper into it. Very cool.
Me telling secrets, hehe

Story time
Joel after climbing the big hill. Very proud.


Gwen said...

1.) Where is this park?
2.) Where is "Books and Bannock," and do you really get to eat Bannock?

Charlene said...

alright Gwen, here is the info.

Kitikshan park. The kids love it!
Books and Bannock at Kitikshan school library. It is tuesdays. They serve something they call bannock but it is more like a little buisquit. I don't think that they fry it and it is not thin like it should be. I printed out a recipe though so I can make more real to life bannock with the kiddos soon. And sometimes they choose a different snack. Like Timbits last week.
Adam works with Thomas's sister and she works at books and bannock so she told us about it and I am so glad she did. It is great for the kids.
The really nice girl, Anika. (sp?) She is a sweety and he says he even likes her more than Brenden. Yikes! :)

Gwen said...

More than Brenden? okay, that's a lot!!! :D