Thursday, May 03, 2007

Carnival fun

I know some don't like the carnival but I happen to LOVE it! It has been something, since I was a child that I anticipated all year and enjoyed every minute of. So we go with our kids, and they love it, too. We always have a first grasp on them as kids stray easily at these things. This year was no exception in fun! We had a great time and what made it better was it was my sister and Blaine's last weekend in town so this was the last really fun thing we got to do with them before they headed out. Here are some pics but of course we also got lots of mini donuts and cotton candy and induldged till our hearts content and our stomachs were nearly sick! haha. Great times, a little cold as always, but great none the less!
Here is Joshua, I won 2 times on this game and then he won 2 times, too. He has inherited that awesomeness of my sister and I and will one day be a master of the roller bowler, also! Virginia and I have always won great prizes here. So anyway, together we won him quite the cutie of a blue lamb. Awesome!
The ducks, the kids each got a little toy here.
There is Joel with his toy, he loves it! And Annabelle's is in her hand there. It is a little strange, a dog that is colored a little like a lady bug.
At the slide the guy was really funny, teasing all the kids and just as Joshua went to measure himself the guy lifted the sign and said, oh, too bad, you're too short. Joshua looked a little concerned and then the guy smiled and let him on. Last year Joshua was really scared on this slide. This year he was so excited but on the way down, some kids come right behind him and kicked him in the head. He was very upset. I hope one year he can have a great time at this one. He really wants to.
Annabelle forgot her mat so she came down the slide so slow. It was funny. The guy let me take her up again but she was unhappy about that because she likes to be independant. So I hope that this slide is a lot better next year.
The monkey, full of fun.
There we are spinning. This is a great ride for the kids because the speed of spinning is controlled by the inside. I love it.
Fishing for prizes. The all won little frogs. It was cool.

The ferris wheel. Annabelle and Joshua went on it this year. Joshua was with Adam. They both had a blast. And Blaine took care of my freezing little monkey.
From the top of the ferris wheel.
Loading the kids on a ride.
And there they go! Joel absolutely loved this!
Joshua really loved riding this guy. Cute!
I will be posting more later so I can catch up on posts before the great holiday pics to come! God bless you all, hope for great days!

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Virginia said...

That was a fun night. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love you guys and miss you already.