Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was wondering if these new lures I just put together would hit any fish. Took them out to test them before the Pro-Tec powder I ordered came in.

Ohhh yahhh, they work just fine!!!


Andrew Brown said...
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Adam said...

Thanks. It's actually 2 fish though caught with 2 different lures. Yes sir this lure building is fun. Love you bro!

Jenny said...

Okay...I get it now. Where did you get the lure from? Is it way cheaper?
Scott's been a jig-making machine. He'll be well stocked for next season.

Adam said...

I can not divulge my secrets. I haven't figured out yet the total cost but it isn't as cheap as I thought but better!

Jenny said...

It's okay Adam...I googled and found a site that has an awesome deal. We've never thought of doing that so thanks for putting the bug in our ears!! Scott doesn't use many lures,but if you're saving money it's still worth it.