Thursday, October 16, 2008

Curious George and my Joely

Let me tell you, I think my little Joel must be the sweetest kid in all the world. He is the loviest, kissiest, hugiest guy. When he was very young he told us his name was not Joel but rather Bruno. Anyone who watches CBC Kids knows Bruno. Oh yes, he really loved that monkey. So, we would be out in public and he would not answer or come to us unless we called him Bruno. This lasted a few months and it was a little embarrassing. Just imagine calling little Bruno at the park and all the parents actually thinking that we named him that!
On an interesting note as I was talking to a friend about the meanings of our kids names and saying how we named Joel his name because it meant God is willing and Jehovah is Lord... Bruno means, Brown one. Nice!

So, soon enough Joel grew out of his need to be Bruno and went back to Joely but he never lost his love for monkeys. I had bought him this book and what a great investment it was!
He wouldn't listen to any other stories besides Curious George, but he would listen to as many of them as he could! Great for me because before that he never wanted me to be reading to him at all! Recently I noticed this one in Misty River Books and I just had to get it for him. It was only about $11 and has at least a dozen full stories!
Fabulous! Anyway, so I have grown to love Curious George and all his little adventures. The movie has to be one of the cutest movies around for kids. The older 2 kids are learning about H. A. Rey this month in school so what a great thing it is that we have plenty of his stories to share with the class. And I think he is a lot cuter than Bruno... but seriously, what is with monkey names??? George means Farmer. Well, I guess that is not too bad. And he is almost as cute as my Joel.

Hope everyone is doing great... I am busy and tired but pretty well! God bless!

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