Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well this isn't the prettiest picture but I wanted to show that it was indeed my new lure building project which resulted in this death to an innocent dollie varden.

And then Annabelle caught this beautiful (and much bigger) dollie on her first cast, with my new hammered spoon I might add!

Daddy's little girl looking quite proud of herself and for good reason! Rock on girl!!!

This little guy came to shore shortly after. Man I had over 10 fish on this evening!! I am awaiting painting products to paint my lures but am amazed at the results with no paint. I may try this paintless venture awhile longer methinks.

Annabelle was a little concerned about the fish's teeth but we managed to get an acceptable picture of her dollie. Nice two pounder but man I forgot to measure the thing. Was at least 18'. My guess is 20". Annabelle looks the pink polka dots. I too am amazed at the beautiful markings of cut throat and dollies, especially when you go awhile without catching one.

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Tanya said...

You know Adam...everytime you describe your fishing adventures I can just hear your voice saying it all out loud with such excitement and enthusiasm. Thats a good thing!

BTW...Nice fish!