Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a quick catch up

On Sunday, Thanksgiving we went to Adam's brother's house for a wonderful turkey dinner. But as happens sometimes, we forgot the camera. Then we learned from our mistake and remembered Monday for my mom's dinner at her house, so here are the pics! Yummy!
The kids, watching a movie and having their supper, was awesome!
The kids dinners and the cornucopia
Everyone dishing up, buffet style.
The living room crowd, Adam was awesome and sat with the kids while he worked on my mom's computer.
The cornucopia, one of the kids crumpled up the leaf but the whole thing was just beautiful.
But the best part of the cornucopia is indulging in the bounty...

Was a wonderful celebration of Thankfulness to God as we celebrated with all our family. We had a great time and 2 wonderful dinners! Thanks Mark, Jen and Louise and thanks Mom!
A couple nights ago there was a special night at the E Free church and they were showing a Chadder the chipmunk movie, having songs and goodies so we took the kids. It was such a nice evening. Here is just one pic of my mom, the boys and me. We will definitely be going to the next one, probably in February.
There you have it, a couple fun times in the last couple weeks.


D-Ann said...

Aww your family is growing up so fast! I miss you :)
I was thinking of writing a review on the Tupperware can opener on my blog and then link you to it. How does that sound?

Charlene said...

Hey Darci, that sounds awesome! I miss you too. Looks like you are well! God bless.