Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Off to Vancouver

I am finally getting to this! Yay!

I had the great privilege of being a part of my best friend, Heidi's wedding. We have been friends since grade 4 and she was the maid of honor at my wedding. I was so excited when she asked me to be in hers too. I didn't expect it at all as she has a huge life in Vancouver since she left Terrace and she has 4 sisters as well. I am so glad I went! Here is a little of the fun but remember I was in the wedding party so there are no pictures of the actual wedding sadly.

Here are me and Joel snuggling and saying our good byes before I get on the plane.

Some beauty from above.
I am so amazed at God's creation. Wow!
Nathan making to do lists while Heidi gets ready to start the day. I loved watching them as they are such good communicates. They never lost their tempers even in the stress of the wedding prep. They are so good together.
Getting ready for her manicure. It was so fun. My first manicure in my life, and Nathan's mom did the treating so that was such a blessing. She seems like a wonderful woman!
And there they are. Nate's mom and Heidi with just one day left till they are family. Lovely nails hey?
Wedding morning. Heidi getting her makeup started at her sisters house.
And the beauty that followed! She was beaming and such a happy bride!
Justin (Nate's brother), Nate and their dad during the family photo time.
A quick call after the ceremony. We were laughing because Heidi will never miss a call. But it was a good thing that she didn't because it was the limo driver saying he would be late, so we started eating!
Beautiful city girl now.
And a quick make up touch up before boarding the huge limo.

Quickly after getting on the limo there was a bit of a mishap with a beer bottle hitting the pole in the center. This was just a bit of the clean up of glass. We seriously could not stop laughing the whole time.
Heidi in her towel so she could eat and drink without getting her dress dirty. Cute.
And what is a limo ride without a stripper pole? ha ha, kept us laughing the whole way to the photos.
Oh, okay the blood is rushing to your head, this is definitely a different way to pole dance! ha ha
Heidi, in all her beauty!
Char and I, I guess I should say Charlotte. People were convinced we were related. What do you think? I stayed the last night at her house in Burnaby and actually navigated myself to the airport after. I can't believe I did it!
The whole gang, pretty much.
Obviously something very exciting going on outside!
Reba and Mel. Fun girls! I think I got along with all Heidi's friends and that was so nice.
The cake
Me and my girl Heids
Love it!
Me and the happy couple.
First dance.
Dance with the parents.
Lions gate bridge from the cruise ship. Was a gorgeous boat ride!
The dancing.
Overall, just what I needed! Thanks Adam for being the great hubby around and taking care of our wonderful babies so that I could enjoy this once in a life time experience. You rock!


Adam said...

Sniff, sniff... You had me at hello. Seriously though, thank God for lieu days that could be used for such an awesome purpose. I also had to be the first to comment how hot you are baby!!!

Virginia said...

Char... it looks like you had an awesome time!! You look great... beautiful! Heidi looked beautiful too!! I love here hair!

D-Ann said...

I seen Trina's facebook photos, as I was flipping though I was like hey that looks like Char. Oh yea! Thats right :)

You looked amazing!

Christy said...

I LOVE Adam's comment!

You did look amazing Char! Beautiful!

And Heidi looked amazing as well! She really has grown up alot since the last time I saw her! Beautiful!!

Sharon said...

Very beautiful!! You are so blessed to have had a chance like that. :)

Oh and I still want to host a Tupperware party sometime soon. Things here are finally going to settle down after Thanksgiving. So if you want you can give me a call and we can plan something. If you are still intrested. :) :)

Gwen said...

Wow, your friend is one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen! She looks like she could be in a bride magazine.

I tagged you in a meme. Sorry.

Andrew Brown said...
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