Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dentist and rude awakenings!

There is Joshua, the most well behaved dentist kid I have ever seen...
Having exrays... that showed what I didn't want to see. The start of 4 small cavities. I was devistated. The dentist says if we floss regular they will probably not need filled and won't cause pain. I have tried to floss regular but never think about it. And then when we do, it hurts him becasue his teeth are so close together at the back. So it is between all his back molars that there is decay. I brush his teeth everynight and some mornings. I was feeling like such a bad mom for not being more diligent with the flossing, but now I will be!!! For sure! He won't miss a night of flossing, and the dentist showed me a little trick so it won't hurt him, so YAY! And I will do it with the other two, too. Poor kid, you know he is the one who turns down candy and pop and all sorts of stuff just becasue he didn't want any black things in his teeth... the dreaded cavities.
Duck lips, always a joy!!!
So, by this pic you would think the appointment would have gone good.
This is what we got for the rest of it. Last time she did great, this time she said everything hurt. They were brushing her teeth with that spinner thing and she was freaking out and decided she wouldn't open her mouth. We had had a really good talk about all this before hand and she still wouldn't open up. Arg! So the dentist made her a baloon poodle which I took away when we left and I didn't let her have a little treat toy at the end. The lady at the counter must have thought that I was mean, but I can't have her acting this way. It wasn't only that though, after she was done she was running around, wouldn't listen, being rude, yelling... it was not her best day!
Yet, now they are all playing like little angels, because they are my angels. I love them so much. Joshua was awesome and I just felt bad that I have not taken better care of things. Annabelle will be better next time I am sure. God bless you all!


Gwen said...

Poor Joshua! I had exactly the same bad news at my last trip to the dentist. I never remembered to floss.... but I sure do now. I tied a piece of floss around my toothbrush handle to remind myself!

Jenny said...

Don't feel bad about Joshua's teeth. Really, it's all about the enamel, and genetics. I took horrible care of my teeth as a youngster(never once flossed) and I only had one tiny cavity. My dad has never flossed his whole life and has never had a cavity.
I have a friend who took really awesome, diligent care of her teeth and she has a mouth full of cavities.
It's nothing you've done or not done.

McRae's said...

You are very blessed that your children like to go to the dentist.You should most definatly not feel like a bad Mom for not being as you say diligent about flossing.As you are far from that.Plus remember they are his baby teeth and will fall out and with regular brushing and flossing his adult teeth will be awesome.By starting this early in flossing the kids will soon enough remember flossing as part of brushing their teeth.In no time at all it will all seem routine.

Laney said...

hey char... Aja just had her second trip to the dentist a couple of days ago as well. I preped her a ton for what to expect this time when she went to the dentist, but no matter how much prepping I did it still didn't change the 'yucky' tasting tooth paste and 'grittyness' of it so they had to just polish her teeth with water... one step at a time I guess :-)

Charlene said...

Thank you all for all your encouragement. I am so blessed that no one I know judges me for my downfalls.

Jenny, Adam and I have both got a lot of cavities so I think that that is very true, but I hoped that the chain would be broken... I guess negative and negative very rarely will make possitive. That is partly why I am so frustrated about Annabelle not cooperating. I really want to see if her are okay. It was so nice to read what you said. Just to know people aren't saying... WHAT A HORRID MOM!!! haha what a strange fear to have! I almost didn't post this post just in case some would be thinking in that way.

Lorraine, so glad I am not alone on fussy girls with dentists! It can be discouraging but as you said, one step at a time.

Gwen, me too, I just had one filled actually. It was a little devistating and I am trying hard to not forget the flossing anymore. By the way, my mom said she had to laugh when she saw your comment about her. So funny you are, btw, I don't know your email. Can you send it to me. This time I will make sure it is in my address book on hotmail.

Tanya, so good to see a comment from you! Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am hoping it won't take long to get in the habit! I have to do it for my own teeth too so... I have a lot to work on. At least I don't have to floss Adam's!

starla said...

okay, i still haven't take gabe to the dentist! so if anyones a horrid mom its me! I just don't know how people can pay for it when they have no dental coverage....i guess i just have to make it a priorty.