Sunday, April 06, 2008

Paradise Restored

I am really enjoying this book. If you are interested go read it or download it here:
Here's the Inside Flap Catalog Description:
Does the Bible teach Christians to expect victory or defeat in this world? In this powerful book, David Chilton sets forth extensive biblical evidence for the historic Christian view know as postmillennialism - the teaching that, before the Second Coming of Christ, the world will be successfully evangelized and discipled to Christianity. The author emphasized that our view of the future is inescapably bound up with our view of Jesus Christ. The fact that Jesus is now King of kings and Lord of lords means that His Gospel must be victorious: The Holy Spirit will bring the water of life to the ends of the earth. The Christian message is one of Hope: Pentecost was just the beginning.
It will probably challenge your end times view (I'm sure you have one!). I wanted to read this before diving into Days of Vengeance which you can also download online.


Clover said...

where oh where can you download days of vengeance? it's a good book!!!!

Adam said...

You get the book/cover here:
You can access the site's directory and browse by author or title here: