Thursday, April 10, 2008

A moment of happiness from a wonderful Uncle!

A week or so ago Joshua got a package in the mail. It was from his uncle Andrew. What a joy for kids to get mail just for them. He was so excited! I took pictures of the whole thing and at some point, for some reason I formatted my camera without first checking if there were any new pictures on there. I remember regretting it as soon as I hit the button to say yes, but it was too late and I was rushing out of the house to get to Joshua's music festival. I forgot totally about the picture situation and then I got an email from my bro-in-law last night and he asked if Joshua got his package yet. Well, yes he did Andrew and he LOVED it!

Inside this wonderful package from Uncle Andrew was a very cool camel. It walks and makes camel noices and everything. So cool. Here is the little story.

Last time Andrew came to visit he sent a postcard to us and the kids about a month before he came. On it was a picture of some real camels. He pointed arrows to 3 different camels and wrote, Joshua's camel on one, Annabelle's camel for another and Joel's camel on another. Then he told me to let them know that he would be bringing their camel to Canada when he came. Annabelle was convinced that he was bringing real camels and would not let her brother tell her any different. Joshua said that he knew they couldn't be real ones so they must be stuffed toys. He was so excited. Joel was somewhere in between. He figured it didn't really matter, stuffed or real, he would be happy.

Andrew got to town and as always had a suitcase with gifts for the kids and everyone. It is so neat for the kids. So he took out 2 camels and told me that he meant to go back to the store and get one more but that he didn't make it before leaving Oman. He was feeling kind of bad but figured it wouldn't matter too much as he had bought Joshua another gift. So he gave the camels out and the kids were so excited. Joshua came up to me after and asked where his camel was and I let him know that Uncle Andrew could only get 2 and for him not to worry about it because he has lots of toys and stuff. So he seemed fine. But I had to tell Andrew a few days later that Joshua had saves one of the tags off the other camels and would ask me each night, "What color do you think my camel would have been if Uncle Andrew brought it?" The tag had pictures of all the didfferent colored camels. So Andrew told him that he would bring him one next time he came to Canada.

When this package came, right away Joshua asked who it was from and when I told him he was so excited and said, "Maybe it's my camel!?" He tore it open and sure enough, a very cool camel it was. It didn't look like the other camels, and it took batteries so we put the batteries in right away and it walked around making camel noices. All his disappointment was turned to gladness. Thank you so much Andrew, you are such an awesome Uncle!


Jenny said...

Scott spent 1 week travelling on a camel in India. He said he hopes that the camel Joshua got doesn't make the noises that camels really make!LOL Apparently they are a pretty disgusting animal...stinking, farting, burpring...regurgitating...actually, sounds like my hottie McScotty after some wings and a couple of beer!!LOL

joni said...

HAHAHHAA oh jenny you so make coffee come outta my nose!!!!

good story char

Andrew Brown said...
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Andrew Brown said...
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