Friday, April 18, 2008

Joshua's favourite cookies

This was a picture taken after the music festival where Joshua's class won first prize for the kindergarten students! They were wonderful!
A couple days ago I was making these cookies and Joshua informed me that they are his favourite cookies ever. It is kind of cool because up until now I have never found a cookie that Joshua really liked. I guess he is a peanut butter fan. Yum!

The pan is not dirty, it is my stone pan which I bake everything on. I love it!
The dough
And the finished product. They were very yummy!
I'm going to try to get back into blogging. I have been taking a bit of a break lately as life just got a little too busy. Hope all is well in your homes! Have a great and wonderful day!


DaRcI said...

Yummy cookies... they look amazing.

Jenny said...

I love that picture of you and Joshua!! It's so beautiful.
Mmmm...yummy cookies. You should post the recipe. My family loves peanut butter cookies!!

Christy said...

I had one of thsoe at my Mom's tonight! Yummo!!

Andrew Brown said...
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joni said...

this is a good cookie... nice taste buds Joshua ..haha

i have a list of christmas time cookies, and these are on it... very very not good for me.

(aren't stones the best .. smile)

ps the picture is really nice of both of you.. its a framer...

Charlene said...

I love the cookies too. Yummy. And they are fun for the kids to help with. So they are fabulous!

Thanks everyone about the picture of me and my boy. I think it is probably my favorite picture of us. My girlfriend Tye-lee took it just after the music festival. So glad she took it on my camera so I had it right away.

Virginia said...

Char, you look really pretty in that pic.

starla said...

oh those look yummy! i love anything with peanut butter! and i would have to agree with virginia, you look beautiful in that pic!