Monday, January 21, 2008


My friend Sharon has inquired about the rocks. Now I did mean to give an explaination but had forgotten until just today when reminded. Okay, the thing is that my brother in law, who we have hardly got the privaledge of seeing this trip, is in town. We were thinking he would stay here a few nights and then thought that it may be rude to have the tumbler going when he is here as it is pretty loud. I cleaned the rocks and just left them for a few more days before we start the 3rd stage in pollishing. I am praying that this does not ruin them. My brother in law only stayed one night so far so we really could have just left them in and went on with the steps. Anyway, I will update on them as soon as we go to the next step. They are looking lovely!


Sharon said...

Thanks for the update! :)

Jenny said...

Time for an update!