Friday, January 11, 2008

Lego creations... Christmas and birthday gifts!

Spider man robot thingy. It is awesome and shoots disks too. Pretty neat!

My spider man loving boy
The castle/ medieval thing. Really neat and you can actually catapult the boulder and stuff. Only thing we weren't too fond of was that there are some of the guys that are skeletons, but the rest is great!
Joshua and daddy working on the fire truck

Joshua was really proud of this one!
The back of the ambulance with a gurney and everything!
Joshua set up this for the picture
The helicopter, very awesome!
Well, that is it, we have had a great time with these!

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starla said...

Gabriel got the firetruck set for christmas as well! He doesn't get to play with his lego often due to a little brother who likes to spread it around the house.