Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day... A little late.

We were blessed and very happy, content and loved. What a wonderful Christmas! Christmas Eve I made supper for my family. There were 2 Uncles, a cousin and her boyfriend, my grandpa, mom and us 5. So the house was full! I love that feeling. I did have a little miss hap with the turkey. I put it is at 2:00pm and figured that would be plenty of time to eat at 6:00. To top it off I had it in my roaster oven that normally cooks a turkey in half the time. So I felt very safe about it. Had everything on the table and looking lovely by 6:00 and everyone had arrived. It looked great! So, out comes the turkey and... not done. I must say, my family was extremely gracious. And it is a great thing that they all really love the veggies. We have salad, buns and veggies. Then I made coffee and we had the pie and then at 9:00pm, the turkey was ready to eat! So then we have turkey, stuffing and gravy. Not quite the best order but everyone was happy and left stuffed!

Our first time meeting Derek, my cousin Lexine's boyfriend of about 3 or 4 years. They were great to spend time with. I have missed Lexine.

Everyone waiting patiently for supper.
My Uncle Roy as he is greeted by Lexine. They hadn't seen each other in over 3 years.
Just relaxing and watching Frosty the Snowman with the kids while we wait for the turkey.
Almost bath time so the kids are opening their Christmas Eve jammies for after their bath. They were so cute in them!
The gift pile. Understand this is gifts for my whole family, not just the kids and us. Also my mom brought over all her gifts to the family too so it is a large pile, but not that large!
Christmas morning after Adam got off the phone with his twin brother we started the usual Christmas morning traditions. First we read the Christmas story and we pray together and then...
The stockings. After Joel opened his he was happy and figured he was done. It was so cute. He just wanted to play with his trucks from the stocking. We did get him to move on though and then after each gift he figured he could just sit down and play with it. I love how he was so grateful for each and everything he was given. The other two were, too.
From Nanny. She didn't turn these off in the packages so now the parrots batteries are dead and I am surprised that Adam didn't throw it out. Every time we would walk past it it would say "Hello" and then play an annoying little song. Well, at first it was cool, then very annoying but all the kids loved these toys so much. Joel sleeps with his and makes sure it has it's bottle. Cute!
From our friends Leah and Ryan. They really spoiled us! The kids just loved these gifts and they also gave Adam and I a knife block which is beautiful!
From Papa and Deb. Awesome! The kids love these too.
The cat with his new treats, just basking in the moment of not having the dog attacking him to an inch of his life. Ahhhh... life is good!
My mom made these for the kids. I haven't got them to use them yet but very soon when Joshua and I make his birthday cake. This was the perfect gift for a baking family! Thanks mom. BTW- Joel is saying "Cheese" not upset.
Gifts are done, happy kids!

Well, this was the only pose I could get Joel to give me. So happy and... whatever!
New magnetics. I had bought these with insurance money to replace some toys that got wrecked in our flooding last year. Worked out awesome to be able to give as we have not much money to spend at Christmas time. The kids play with these things everyday so I thought that they could probably use more.
And again, with insurance money I had bought a few sets of Lego. Lego is one of the kids favourite things so this was so fun to do some kits. Adam and Joshua mostly did them over the week after Christmas. This is Spongebob's workplace, the Crusty Krab. Not sure how they spell that.
Proud as can be when that was all finished!
Christmas evening at my Grandpa and Uncle's house. Awesome supper and great visiting. Again the turkey was late but it was just so enjoyable to spend more time with the family. Adam's family did their Christmas dinner on the 27th so we went up there but I was in such a rush when I left, I forgot my camera. It was great anyway.
My mom and her brothers.
Grandpa, Uncle Roy, Mom, and Uncle Lloyd.
Pretty much sums it all up!

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