Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Don't read if you're queezy from stitches!!!

OKay, so here are a couple pics. I know my sisters will be interested in seeing the damage. I think it looks pretty good. The stitches are quite nice. I am hopng it heals really nice. Joel looks distressed but it is a little funny, he cried like a maniac, why? Because the bandaid pulled his hair. After all the toughness with the doc all mommy had to do is pull a couple hairs and the tears were flying! Oh well, he was a little scared there was going to be more pain.

Joel was so excited to get his new bandaid on. And he thought it was pretty cool when he looked in the mirror.

And the new and improved boy...
So, we installed the baby gate at the top of the stairs, no not directly at the top, that would be even more dangerous! But we have a spot where the wall to the top of the stair could be safely gatedacross to the bathroom wall so, it is up. Then yesterday, for no real reason, Joel fell down the stairs again but this time was safe and sound when he hit the bottom.
I really thought about it, if he didn't hurt his head the other time, we would have installed the gate at the bottom as we had origionally wanted and then he would have hit the gate while rolling down the stairs. Who knows how much worse it could have been. I am so thankful that my mom came up with the idea of putting the gate at the top and that we had it up there instead of the bottom. So, on to get Joshua and deal with the leaking ceiling we have, more to come on that!


Jenny said...

Leaky ceiling??? Seriously I was just going to give you a call!!
Hope all is well! I never even registered when you said you were originally putting the babygate at the bottom of the stairs cuz we always had ours at the top.

Sharon said...

ouch!! Looks like it's healing nicely. Jeffery had stiches twice in almost the exact same spot on his head. But not as many. :) Praying for him to keep getting better. :)

KEEP BLOGGING!! I love reading your blog. I read it all the time. It's all good stuff. :)

starla said...

good war wound. Adam was pretty worried when he was at work hey? I have to ask you some questions about moles, i'll call you soon.