Saturday, January 03, 2009

First book of 2009

Adam got me this book for Christmas and I started reading a couple days before the New Year. Next chance I got I read the rest. It was an awesome story. Can't believe I read it in 2 days but I couldn't put it down.

This is a fiction book but could very well apply to almost any life and marriage at different parts. I cried and laughed and loved every minute of it!

As firefighters are taught in a fire you never leave your partner, this story parallels that to the fires in our lives, never leave your partner. They also bring to attention that fireproof does not mean that the fire won't come but that when it does, you can withstand it. What a moving story!

I am trying to read a lot this year so I will mention every time I finish a book. If you enjoy a drama/love story you will probably enjoy this and if you love the Lord and His plan for marriage you will appreciate this!

There is a quick review. I wish I had more time to write this well but I have so much to do. Hope your Christmas season has been full of Peace, Joy and especially wonderful Hope for the New Year! I am excited to share this year with my friends and family. God bless!


Jenny said...

Joni got me "The Shack"....and I'm going to start reading today as well. Looks like a great read!!

Laney said...

I have been waiting for the movie 'Fireproof' to come to our theatre forever! I loved 'Facing the Giants' so I just know that I will love this one as well...

Charlene said...

Jenny- The shack is supposed to be really great, too. I have heard of a lot of people reading it recently! Hope you enjoy it! I am thinking of getting it in the next while too while I am on a reading kick.

Laney- I was waiting for the movie also and then saw they had the book out so I ordered it and asked Adam if he could give it to me for Christmas.

Facing the Giants was awesome and I think that this one is even better. Do you know that they are produced by a church body and almost all the actors and places for the shots were volunteer. People wanting to see these movies come to completion, trusting in this ministry to win many souls. I think it is awesome. I have Fireproof the movie on order as soon as it is released! Great to hear from you!