Friday, December 12, 2008

Well I just finished this book given to me by my buddy, Sam, for my birthday. I found it to be very sad, perhaps bordering on depressing. If they wanted a subtitle for the book I would suggest, "How Then Should We Not Live".

Here's his last comic strip which appeared ar0und the world just hours after Charles Shultz's death.
One of his last statements reflecting on his life and career was, "You know, that poor kid, he never even got to kick the football. What a dirty trick- he never had a chance to kick the football."
I enjoyed watching THIS INTERVIEW he had on the Charlie Rose show. He comes on the show at 20 minutes and 18 seconds so you'd have to let it buffer/load to that point.


Clover said...

wow.... did he have a difficult life? it worth the read?

Adam said...

Although I found it painful to read I do think it's well worth the read. I'll bring it to church Sunday in case you'd like to borrow it.