Friday, December 05, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Song

Lots of snow lately but it didn't truly feel like Christmas until I heard this song today. Man, I'm getting old, my co-worker told me he never heard of this song! It's my favorite Christmas song.


Jenny said...

I love this song...I remember vividly when it came out!!
Must be our age!!
"but say a prayer and prayer for the other ones..."

Andrew Brown said...
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Clover said...

i remember it quite well too.

another old fart.

Gwen said...

Right on! I haven't heard that for ages. (Was that Bono there, btw? I don't recognize him w/out his shades!) And I'm liking George Michael's rockin' dyed hair.

Thanks Adam, I enjoyed that!

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Thanks for the comments ladies.
To explain my liking the song bro, I think it's great to reflect on others during Christmas which is the heart of the song.
By the way I've always thought it was silly Away in a Manger says no crying He makes. I insist He did cry as babies need to let their mothers know when they are hungry. What horrible theology bro!! So one song is about the baby Lord Jesus, blessing us and taking us to heaven and the other is about praying for, reflecting on others and living out our blessing on Earth. Thank God for a variety of joyous songs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Adam, I forgot all about this song. it had me bouncing in my chair. Awesome!!

Merry Christmas, Michelle Bolton