Saturday, March 15, 2008

My wish list... oh yes it is long!

So I made this list a few days ago and since have found some great stuff that I would love to get from stores in town so this is a list of things I like and a lot that I need but I have realized, I just want a shopping spree! haha

A new lighting fixture for our bathroom. Ours is wrecked... brushed nickle and normal bulbs!

Candles... any and all! I love to burn candles!

A dead bold for our front door (GOT IT!!!)

A new mailbox... not rusty and not an upright one.

This book I have been wanting for years but I see it is for the father of the sons. Still I would love to read it!
An electric kettle, I am a big tea drinker and it is not nearly as enjoyable pouring water from a pot.
Tank tops of pretty much any kinds, I need them for summer!
I love this dress! I have seen so many dresses I want!

Hoodies! Yup, any would do!

New shoes, I love these but I am also a big fan of the Mary Jane ones, not that look like this. There were some cute ones from sears with brown cherries on them. I love them!
A large throw rug for in the basement, I have wanted one for a long time, saw this one in sears and I love it!
More tanks, these are pretty.
Yes these slippers are for ladies not children and I love them!

Jogger, comfy and cute

This swim suit I would love! But I have another one that is cheaper that I would settle for, and probably will.

I was looking for some nice jeans and dresses. I am obviously beyond need of new clothes. I love getting new stuff. It makes me feel so taken care of. I need more jammies, socks and bras too but I thought that that was enough dreaming for the night. This is for me to refer to as I get little bits of money over the next few months. Most of it comes from sears. I want so much more but seriously, I don't need it all! haha


Jenny said...

I have knitted mary jane slippers...they are so fun! Wore a hole in the sole though.
We need a new mailbox as well. It's hard finding the perfect mail box!
Have you thought about "where"...

starla said...

i love that rug! so funky!!! hopefully you found something in those bags. not so fun as new I know.

Charlene said...

Jenny, sometimes I wish I could knit for these very things but I do not really want to go through the learning so I purchase when I can instead. Star gave me a pair of Mary Jane slippers that must have been homemade and I absolutely love them, then I saw those and thought that they would be awesome! Where? I am thinking Boston Pizza? That is easy and yummy. I don't know where else, all I really want is the Golden Flame or Haryanna's... Boo hoo hey?

And Star, it has been great looking through the bags. Made me really want this shopping spree! Realizing how much of my style I have lost, I used to dress much like your more funky side before having kiddos. I sadly never have time or money to go get funky anymore so I most often settle for the Walmart special. So, I have found lots and am feeling like a new gal! Thanks so much for your generosity!

DaRcI said...

I think I could make at least one of your wishes come true on there!!