Friday, March 14, 2008

Blog inspiration

As it has been mighty long since I have blogged I thought that I might do a post doday. We will see if I have time.

It is nearly my birthday... well at the end of this month and I am always so excited to celebrate another year of life. I celebrate my white hair! 27 this year and I am happy, full of life and so glad to be alive! I am healthy, strong enough, raising beautiful children and my life has great purpose!

Greatest gift God ever gave me... the breath of life (thanks mom!) which enables me to enjoy so many wonderful blessings, my husband, kids, the outdoors, the sun, snow, rain, wind, flowers, and a growing and wonderful relationship with the One who gave me life and loves me unconditionally!

I am going to make my wants list for my birthday here, just because I want to and then if I fall into some birthday money I will have it all here what I need and want to buy. I have to make lunch for the kids and then I will come back to do my list. Have a great day!


Jenny said...

So when's the party?

Charlene said...

I think that I will end up waiting till the big 30 to have a party. We shall see. So many baby showers/ wedding showers as of late that it may just be a bit much. And, I may be dreaming but I am totally broke! haha

Jenny said...

We should go out for dinner! My treat!

Charlene said...

If your up to it, I sure am!!! Yippee! Food and a great friend, 2 of my very favorite things!

Christy said...

I say a girls night is in order!!!!! And can't wait to see the list!