Saturday, July 03, 2010

School and work

As I mentioned in a previous post, I just finished a year of school. It was a great and extremely trying time for me. I did accomplish something I was not sure I would ever do, post secondary education. This was quite a big thing. A lot of time that I would normally spend with my beauties I instead had to allot to study. The great thing was that I got to see Adam and the kids really bond. Adam did bed time with the kids about 5 days a week for about 5 months. And he took them out about once a week for hours on end to give me quiet time to study. This was great bonding time for them and I feel so much more confident with his ability to handle them well. What a blessing he has been for me!

So I got my office assistant certificate and did very well at it. As is the case with God and I, he answers prayers that I do not even think are possible. I pray them and just after think, why did I ask that? That is just too much! But it isn't! God can do anything of course. So, this may seem small to you but when I started the courses I asked God to provide for me work in an office where I could work 9am-1 so I could not miss a moment with my kids when they are in school and could keep up with the house work and continue to make healthy, good meals for my family. Then I thought, where in this town would an office hire someone 9-1? That just doesn't happen so I reasoned that I would not be able to work in a job I was training for. One week before I finished my courses I was offered a possible job and I went for an interview. As they were explaining the position I was shocked to hear that for the summer it would be 9-1, Tuesday through Thursday and then in the fall it would be Monday-Friday, 9-1! It is also working for a great christian couple in town! I am feeling so cared for my my Lord! He has given me the desires of my heart but I know it is because they are also His heart.

I am in training and so nervous for when I have to do the job alone but so thankful for it and really excited that my schooling is going to use!

This is the update on my school and work situation but there will be many updates to come and I will post some pics soon. Working on my laptop right now which has very few of our pictures on it. Hope you all are well!!! Have a great weekend!

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That is awesome!! PS I love the new blog layout.