Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First days

One week ago was Joshua's first day at school. He was so excited!!! My sister was out of town so I was caring for her boys in the early morning and they were with us for the walk to the school. They are pretty proud of their cousins too! Alex, Joshua, Eric on the walk to school. Annabelle and Joel didn't really want in the picture.

What a handsome boy! He is absolutely enjoying everything about school. It is his favourite thing in life I think.
And now he is a big boy so he gets his own desk! What a cool new experience!
And while he was at school, this is what Joel did. Played a little dress up with the little boys.
He was checking if the helmet was tight enough. Cute!
And then today! A great day for my beauty. Annabelle started kindergarten today and Joshua was so proud of her. They are in the same class and already Joshua has been showing his ability to take care of his girl. I love it!
On the walk to school. This is the cute outfit that Nana bought Annabelle for school. I absolutely adore it on her! Thanks Mom!
Off to play on the playground which she has played on numerous times before but today, there was just something different about it. It is hers now!
And Joshua helped her on and off her swing. So sweet.
Annabelle at her table where she sits right next to one of her good friends. It was a little hard for me to leave her, but was not hard for her to see me go. She is now in her element. I am so glad that my kids love school so much! It has been nothing but positive! What a blessing!
There is the update on life! Seriously people, if you want any of the lunch kits and stuff from Tupperware, Thursday is the last day so head on over to my Tupperware blog and check it all out!


Christy said...

Hard to believe they are both in school already! 2 down...1 to go!

How come they are in the same class?

Jenny said...

I love her outfit!!! Too cute!
Glad that the kids are loving school!! Gavin doesn't go til Thursday(for only two hours) and then his full time on Friday.
I'll be pretty sad I think on those days!LOL

Charlene said...

Christy: is so hard to believe and next year Joel will be in! What will I do with myself??? There is a split class for K/1 because there were only 11 grade 1 and 10 Kinders so they combined it which is awesome because Joshua is such a care taker for his younger siblings. They also have 2 aids in the class so there is lots of one on one time for both grades. That is probably a lot of the reason that Joshua is doing so well. Kinders go for 2.5 days a week. I am so happy this is how it is right now!

Jenny: I can't imagine next year when Joel goes. I will probably shed a few tears. My baby will be hard to let go of! I can imagine it will be the same for you. Exciting though, none the less.

Gwen said...

Oh, what a big day! It's so exciting, isn't it? I hope they have a wonderful year!

D-Ann said...

She is adorable in that outfit :) I can't believe they are both in school now. I remember when Joshua was just a baby..

Virginia said...

I love the picture of Joshua and Annabelle together!! Annabelle's dress is so cute... I love it! So glad to hear that they are both enjoying school so much! I love you guys!!

starla said...

okay that picture of josh with his arm around her is the sweetest thing ever!