Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I went to the Creative Zone last night with my mom and Joshua. What a nice relaxing look around. It was so fun. I could see Joshua's eyes just light up the minute we went in. He didn't even know where to start and I realized again that it has to be the greatest place in this town for our family to shop, including my mom! The whole time we shopped I was thinking, "This would be perfect for a Christmas present for ____!" And "Boy do I wish I had money to get ____ this!" So many thoughts and still no money!

We started just going through the birthday stuff and I had great ideas for Joel's and Joshua's parties coming up in the winter. Then we got to the LEGO, and I was reminded that Joel wants a LEGO party this year. He would be so amazed with the selection there! Then there was the scrapbooking stuff which I don't have much interest in but boy oh boy does my little man. He loves making cards and always wants a lot of fancy stickers to choose from. Then, the puzzles. We are working on one right now. It is 500 peices and is of Noah's Ark. When it is done we will have to get another tough one for Joshua to get going on. My mom bought us one of those puzzle rollers which has been just awesome! Then of course there are models, trains, machines, beads and everything else you can think of. My mom and I were looking at material as the boy's room is finally finished and now we need some curtains to hang and my mom is going to make them, she did such a good job on the last ones! Joshua didn't enjoy that so much but as we kept walking down the other side, his eyes lit up again. Every kind of crafting materials a person could want or need!

So, when all was said and done, my mom let Joshua get a foam craft that is a treasure box when it is put together. It is really great and he was so happy! 1 hour and 4 dollars later and we were out of there with all the excitement still in our heads. Now I can't stop thinking about all the awesome things we could get for the kids for Christmas for so little money! That excites me. Will post picture of the craft when we get to it, hopefully tonight.

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