Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Little People

Well, here it is. We were thinking about $40.00 for all of it. I know it is worth quite a bit new. All still in really great condition.
These pictures aren't great because I had to do them at night. This is everything together. Some of it is not Little People brand but is so close to the same that you would think it is.
The animals and the barn. Most of the animals are not actual Little People. They were from a Noah's ark set but are so similar that my kids always played with them all together.
The barn and horses. The sounds still work.
The prince and princess set. Very cute.
The playground set.
This is a circus train. The batteries are dying in it.
A Fire Truck.
The small bus , little truck and people are from the origional Little People from when I was a kid. Still in good shape.
Tricycle and bus with wheel chair access at the back, sounds still work.
So, there you have it. I am going to put it in the Northwest buy and sell in about a week if no one from here wants it so let me know soon if you do. Soon to come is the pics of the kitchen set and food/dishes.


Sharon said...

I'm intrested. But I will have to talk to my hubby about it and let you know!

Charlene said...

Sounds good! Let me know whenever, I have them in a box and ready to go whenever someone wants them.

Ruth said...

Oh my goodness! If Mark would not flip his lid at the purchase of new toys, I would be snatching those up in a second! Little People are my absolute favorite toys on the planet!!!!! Let me know if no one buys them!!