Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Kitchen

Here are the pictures of the kitchen set. It is a Step 2 kitchen bought from Sears less than a year ago and cost $300.00. It is hard for me to even think of getting rid of this thing because it was my childhood dream to have something like this. Me and my sisters would have died for this! But alas, I realize the dream was started with 3 little girls and it happens to be that I have 2 boys. They have now lost interest and Annabelle only really plays with her tea sets. I discussed the whole thing with them and they agreed that they will not be using this anymore. So, we gathered everything together to get it ready for the pictures. Here they go. If this doesn't sell in a week I will be putting it in the Bargain Hunter but I thought that I would give you all a chance first. We are asking $175.00 for it all.

The kitchen is as if it were brand new. It is in beautiful condition.

This is the only mark on the kitchen. The picture is turned wrong though. This is on the bottom of the fridge which is the large door on the right side of the kitchen. It is red ball point pen and is about 3-4 inches long.
Another view. The little light works above the sink and is battery operated. All the drawers and cupboards slide out or open for storage of kitchen stuff.
Some of the dishes. One of the fry pans and the large clear pot make the stove make noises. Boiling water noises for the pot and sizzling noises for the pan.

More dishes that we have acquired
The food all together.
Fruits and veggies. There are a lot of Velcro ones so the kids can act as if they are really cutting them.

Here are some of the main course type food and there are some chips. The large pizza and one of the hamburgers are Velcro also.

Desserts. Some of the ice cream cones are Velcro so you can make a double scoop or triple and they stay together.
The toast in the toaster.
Canned food, box food and condiments as well as a shopping basket
All the little stuff together.
Let me know as soon as you can if you are interested or if you know someone who is.
Again I say, I have pics for a real post coming up. God bless!


Gwen said...

Oooh, I am grinding my teeth right now because I want these so bad! We already have a kitchen centre (nothing like this one) and dishes, but if the set doesn't sell in the Bargain hunter, I'd like to buy the food.

Charlene said...

Sounds good. I will keep that in mind. I am so hoping it sells soon! Would be great to get it out of the house. I can always use a little more space.