Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dogs and birthdays

We went over to Mark, my bro in law's place the other night as it was his birthday. I won't say how old 'cause it is just plain OLD!!! hahaha
So anyway, I finally took out the camera after all the birthday festivities were over, just because I had forgotten that I brought it before that. So here are some pics of dogs and stuff.
Cheech and his sister. So cute but after their visit, Jen renamed Cheech, Sir Humps-a-lot! What a dog!
Tia, the sister of the most cool dog in the world.
This is Oliver, he is kinda like the big brother who suffered much abuse by the hands of the other little dogs. He was so good about it. But was not impressed by Sir Humps-a-lot's tactics! Hahaha
Annabelle on the trampoline. Lov'in every minute of it!


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Gwen said...

Happy birthday to you Mark!