Sunday, July 22, 2007

Biking fun, a great night out!

Although many kids are very great bike riders by 4 and 5 years old, I have not allowed my kids much practise time in the past. The main reason is that, having them so close together it was very hard to get out with them because each one would need help in their own ways. So, tonight I thought, hey, we have not even been out on the bikes this year so, as Adam was home and we declined our camping trip due to some dark clouds in the sky, we decided to take the kids out. It started slow. Joshua is great this year and I would say, is almost ready to have his training wheels taken off. He loves it! He was especailly excited when I told him that he will be able to ride his bike to school this year and that I will get him a back pack that is big enough to keep his helmet and gear in and buy him a lock. Boy did that ever spur a smile. Annabelle is good, too but forgets to look up and then runs into things often. She fell off a couple times though and it didn't even scare her. She is well on her way to being a great little biker. Joel only has his trike and gets a little frustrated because it is difficult to pick up speed. Once he gets going he is good though.
What a nice night out. I love to see the kids experiencing new things and loving them. Now it will get less and less nerve racking taking them out for rides.
Daddy helping his little lady learn the ropes
Joshua just motoring around
Joel getting help from Daddy. We went to a big parking lot to let them practice in safety
Proud as can be!
Joel going for it!


Shirley said...

Beautiful. love mom xoxoxoxoxo

Jenny said...

We should meet at the Millenium this week...Gav's fav spot to hit the pavement.