Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentines day for our family is a great day for me and Adam to help the kids understand how much God loves them and how much we love them. And that God's love is greater than any other that a person will have. Also that we learn how to love by the example of Jesus life and the word of God, who is Love!

Adam and I have never really celebrated Valentines day for us as our anniversary is 3 days later so we choose to celebrate it instead. This is fine by me because I always found it a bit cheesy anyway. Although I never really minded the attention it brought. ha ha.

Here are a few pictures of our day. Adam and the kids did buy me a big Valentine balloon and some beautiful flowers but we didn't remember to get pictures of them before the balloon was demolished. And my mom bought the kids a board game and chocolates that, as well, got overlooked in the photographs but the kids are enjoying the game everyday since! We also got a babysitter in the evening and went out to the church where there were wonderful desserts, great friends and conversation and a speaker in from out of town to talk about marriage. It was a nice evening.

We read 1Corinthians 13 and explained it to the kids. Then we gave them these. The Bernstein Bears books are the christian series of 4 that they have out. They are wonderful stories!

Also my Dad and his girlfriend sent some gifts for the kids and they just loved them. Here is Joshua with his markers and cool paper. Very neat.
Annabelle with her princess hair stuff and jewelry!
And here is Joel, you can see how excited he was for these two cute sports Curious Georges!
And Joel didn't get valentine cards because he is not in school yet so Joshua and Annabelle made sure that they gave him one each. He was so pleased!
Annabelle holding Daddy's chocolates from all of us. And Adam will be giving Annabelle the heart box tomorrow. That will make her as happy as can be.
Yum! They are good quality chocolate. Almost equivalent to Purdy's!
And then our last project of the day... Adam and I finally conquered the boys border for their room. We have had it for the last 2 months and just finally put it up. The boys picked the border and the paint colour. I think it looks great! My mom and I will be picking out material for curtains soon and my mom says she will make them! What a blessing! I can't wait! She made our last ones too but then we had the water damage. We could keep the old ones but she said she doesn't mind making new. The others were space theme and were awesome! But would not match too well with the room now. Thanks Mama!
The boys admiring their border. They were so excited! You can't really tell in the picture but they honestly were!
And while we were doing that, Annabelle was working on this. Then she decided that this is how she wants her hair for wacky hair day. That is this Friday! Should look cool!

Other than that, we headed over to Adam's mom's house for her birthday on the 15Th. Was a blast and she made supper for all of us and Adam's brother's family. Was so nice to all be together! Then we played some dice and headed home.

Yesterday Adam and I went out to the Hot house for our 8 year anniversary. Then we headed to the theatre and watched Mall Cop, very funny! And then went and shopped for gifts for each other. Was fun. We bought a few movies from Wal*mart so when we got home we watched School of Rock and that concludes our last few days... Hope all is well in blog land! God bless!


Shirley said...

I love Annabelle's hair-do!!!

Love Mom

Laney said...

wow! I have always loved the Berenstain Bears books, I didn't know that they had christian ones out too! I will have to definately check those out at our christian book store!