Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fun with Humpy's

This is a late post but about a week and a half ago we went out fishing with our friends Jason and Tanya and their kiddos. Sam came too and he took pictures for us. We had a great time even though it poured rain. Jason and Tanya's family are troopers like us, anything to get out and try to catch some fish! hehehe I loved it anyway, and the kids had a blast. Nothing keepable was caught but Jason caught a great humpy!


Tanya said...

That was a good time...sorry about trying to snag you though...hee hee. I think its about time for another adventure like that! Don't ya think?

Charlene said...

Absolutely, for sure. Sooner the better. I hope we can get out this weekend. I love our talks! Though it is a lot of me talking! haha. Love you Tanya!